About This Site

Hello There.  My name is Brook.

I’m writing this site to document tools and strategies that work well for working artists.  These are my questions:

  • How do I stay motivated?
  • How do I stay productive?
  • How do I keep completing work?
  • How do I share work?

I am deeply grateful to the work done by Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way), Steven Pressfield (The War of Art), and David Lynch (Catching the Big Fish).  I have read these books several times and highly, highly recommend them.  These are not affiliate links.

But I find that these books speak to the challenges of getting started and finding one’s passion– they don’t speak as closely to the challenges of staying motivated and productive.  The discipline of passion.

So that is what this site is intended to be.  A document of ideas and strategies for staying productive on an ongoing basis.  A site about structuring a life as a working artist.

Some background:  I have had several careers in my life, as most forty-year olds have done in this day and age. Everything from clothing design to technology sales to real estate.  And I have returned to primarily art making.

I structure my life the way many academics structure their lives:  I work part time doing something tangential in order to create and publish (art)work.  And the question I ask myself every day is: how can I become more efficient and productive at the money-earning work I do, so that I can have more time available for the art work?

This is why the analogy of an academic is useful:  we need to create and publish, but we can’t also burden that creative work with earning money, not at an incipient stage.





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