The Weekly Protocol: Structured Mondays

Structured Mondays

This is a very important strategy for protecting your time.  I chose Mondays; you could choose any day of the week. This is the day that I do not expect to work in the studio.

On Mondays, I do these tasks:

  • bookkeeping (we have several LLCs that require bookkeeping or bill paying from different accounts)
  • bill paying- both personal and work
  • email followups (bank, accountants, lawyers, whatever is pending from last week)
  • bank account reviews (checking for any issues)
  • sales tax, quarterly tax prep, yearly tax prep as appropriate
  • inventory – monthly

I used to just pay bills as they came in.  This seemed like a non-issue, because nearly everything was online and it only took a minute.  But, that minute actually represented a distraction and a break in the flow.

Now, I have a drawer and a folder.  Any bills that show up digitally get dumped into a shared folder called “1 Bills to Pay”.  My husband and I both add to the folder.  Any physical bills go into drawer and get handled on Mondays.  By simply saying “I pay bills on Mondays” I batched the process and removed a level of stress and annoyance from my day.

Then, if by 3pm or 5pm I have time for a few hours in the studio, I’m thrilled!

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