Quarantine Special

Despite the fact we are already working from home, quarantine poses special challenges.  I’m an introvert, he’s an extrovert.  How do we make sure that we get the appropriate levels of social and mental stimulation while staying productive and creative?

Besides the obvious -continue to shower, get dressed, brush your hair, put on makeup (if that’s your thing), keep regular hours, eat regular healthy meals, get sunshine if possible, exercise- here are some other thoughts to implement:

  • Make a special little book of your personal or family goals or projects for this time period.  On our list:
    • complete kitchen design
    • complete master bath design
    • pick paint colors for the rest of the house
    • train the doggo to use communication buttons (see @hunger4words on instagram if you are unfamiliar with this phenomenon)
    • organize the garage
    • get a reel to reel tape converter service for father’s 1970s era tapes
    • finish the pile of half-done clothing I’ve been making for myself

i.e. it is time to complete all those “nice to have but not essential” projects you’ve been postponing because you were too busy.

  • Other ideas:
    • learn a language (italki, verbling)
    • learn a new skill (coursera, master class, youtube)
    • daily Skype “drinks” or “dinner” with friends (aka Quarantinis)
    • daily creativity output:  30 minute drawing, painting, singing, etc.


And be aware:  since we are now all forced to communicate with loved ones via technology, it is easy to let slide the previously in-place boundaries around rampant and constant technology use (distraction) that we may have abided pre-quarantine. So, as before, STRUCTURE YOUR TIME.  Don’t let the new situation get you into distraction mode!

Finally: get enough sleep.  That is what quarantine is giving everyone right now.  A chance to get rested up and clear of thought.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

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