Use a Pseudonym

Anonymity & Pseudonym

My choice to use a pseudonym for my return to making art was multi-fold.

Using a pseudonym allowed me to publish creative work that I otherwise would feel nervous about having associated with my public persona.  I am involved in several other businesses, and I did not want my public business life associated through the magic of the search engine with my new art projects.

Using a pseudonym has freed me from worrying about public perception of follower-counts or activity or style of work.

Using a pseudonym, ironically, has reduced my self-criticism and enhanced my objectivity with regards to the work and how it appears to the public.  Going anonymous has helped me approach sharing and publishing work in a more rational and scientific fashion.  It has improved my constructive self-criticism and reduced my negative thinking about the work.

Choosing to not share my work with family and friends has restricted the number of clumsy comments or questions I am faced with.

This stance on anonymity is not a forever choice.  But it is appropriate for the first several years of developing a new project.  Of course, this route might not apply to a self-assured extrovert who thrives off feedback, regardless of quality!

It is funny to think back to the internet twenty years ago, when anonymity was the default and it was a challenge to link a person’s public persona with their online activities.  Now, the default- pushed by the big internet companies- discourages anonymity.  Try to sign up for a twitter account or email account without providing a phone number and you’ll get a sense of how much anonymity is discouraged.

(Just in case it provokes a question, this blog is NOT written under a pseudonym.)

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