Privacy Needed: Creative Language In Development

A Year of Seclusion to Develop a Visual Language

I committed myself to one year of work in private without the pressure of sharing, finalizing, or explaining.  This timeline made sense for the medium I chose.  I needed to learn a variety of new techniques, tools, and materials.

When I began I had a sense of what my goal visual language was, but it took time to actually develop the materials and art objects to look like the images in my mind’s eye.  I had chosen to learn a completely new set of sculptural techniques, and I expected it would take some time to bring them together in a coherent fashion.  A year of private development proved to be an accurate timeline.

For an artist or writer working in a familiar medium, a year might be too long.  It also might be too short, depending on the complexity of the work.

The important concept is: protect the work from outside commentary until it is ready.

Developing a Language: Visual Language, Symbolic Language, etc

This is what might be otherwise called style. It is that ephemeral combination of approaches, words, metaphors, textures, and modes that marks a period of time or a body of work in an artist’s portfolio. It could be visual, semantic, kinesthetic, or auditory.

And, to flesh out this example:  it took me about a 1000 hours of work to reach a point where I felt like my visual language was coherent enough to begin sharing.

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