Tiny Tiny Task Lists

When I make wishlists, the thing I wish for most is more time.  More time to learn and develop new skills, more time to write, meditate, reflect, draw. More time to study languages and read. More time to make art and still attend to all the other responsibilities of life.  More time to sit in a sidewalk cafe and people watch.

We all know that our perception of time is subjective, and with proper attention time can be extended or shortened based on our own state of mind.

Along with Time Tracking (keeping track of in-studio hours with the objective of 1000 hours per year working in studio), it is important to try to make those in-studio hours effective.

Forcing oneself to do creative work is hard.  It’s better to tease, wheedle, and bribe oneself, and lay out a path of treats so that getting down to work is easy.

Sure, I would (and do) count sitting in the studio staring at a blank page or a box of clay as “studio time”- but it is nice to have some simple strategies to get past the metaphorical blank page.

Tiny Tiny task lists.  Yep, that’s right.  Both the tasks are tiny and the lists are tiny.  To make the whole thing less intimidating, keep a box of scrap paper handy.  The best pieces are about an inch wide and 2 inches tall.

When beginning a block of studio time make a tiny task list on the tiny paper.  And the tasks must be tiny too: simple tasks that are unarguable.  There should be no resistance to the individual tasks, because they are small and simple and easy enough that intimidation is impossible.

2019-12-14 14.50.54

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