Story Time

Stories.  My studio sessions range from 2 hours to 12 hours per day, depending on the type of work I am doing and the available time.  My goal is to spend all my flex time in the studio.  I generally achieve 80% of this.

But here’s a thing I notice. Sure, I might get started by using some triggers and a tiny list, but with a day long studio session I need strategies to stay in the flow.

Writers and musicians will experience this strategy differently.  But as a visual artist, there is a certain amount of mindless “making” in what I produce.  During the tasks that occupy my hands but not my chattering mind, I need to keep the flow going.  I have experimented with everything auditory- music, podcasts, television series, educational audio programs, foreign language learning.  The thing that works best for me is long-form fiction audiobooks that have some thematic alignment with the work I am doing.

The long form story keeps me focused and amused at my work, and the thematic alignment provides delicious moments of synchronicity.

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