Quarantine Edition: Anti-Distraction

I’ve been trying to write this post for a week but I keep getting distracted.

This appears to be the weird reality of the world we live in now. Many of us work at home, the lucky ones have yards.  We only see friends and family through the smear of a digital haze.

As an artist already set up to work from home, I entered this period of disruption with a positive attitude.  Great. I thought. I will be so productive.

Instead, I sunk into the realm of distraction and unproductivity along with the rest of the western world- reading whatsapp threads and staring at contagion maps.

These are the things I have noticed increase my ANTI-DISTRACTION powers:

  • Concentrating on something that is challenging.  Like reading philosophy or economics in a foreign language. Doing this for one hour gives me about 24 hour booster shot protection over future distractions.
  • Limiting screen time to whatever was normal before the Quarantine.  Not everyone can do this, but many artists can.


What increases your anti-distraction powers?

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