Quarantine Edition: Rewards

Week two of quarantine I had the realization: all my rewards are gone!  No wonder I’m having trouble being disciplined about work.

My rewards were simple things: going to a coffee shop and getting a nice latte. Seeing friends in person. Taking a dog walk with another dog.

Unconsciously, I was making this tradeoff with myself daily: I’ll focus and work hard for 8 hours in studio, but I get my reward and my break.

Sometimes it was a trip to the art store.  Sometimes 15 minutes alone at a fancy coffee shop.  Plus, social evenings with friends.

It took me a long time to realize it, but my art-making psychology is very reward-oriented.  Without those simple rewards, I don’t want to work in the studio.

So I’ve had to come up with new rewards. But they aren’t as effective.  Suggestions?


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