Studio Debt

A useful technique I have discovered is something I’m calling studio debt.

I accumulate debt to my studio when I don’t spend time working in it.

This happens even if I go on vacation.  Artists don’t get “paid vacations” where they get to come back without studio debt.

This means, quite simply, if I’m not putting in a sufficient number of hours per week, I’m going to feet sh*tty, irritable, and guilt-ridden.  I’m going to feel like I am mis-spending my time and life has no meaning.  Over the period of weeks, this will boil over into an existential crisis.

So, the solution is very simple.

  1. Keep track of your time.
  2. Acknowledge what you have planned to commit to per week. (for me, it’s twenty hours)
  3. Average your hours in studio for the year by week.
  4. If you are running a deficit (i.e. 16 hours avg per week for the year) –  then you need to make some changes.
  5. If you are running a surplus, reward yourself. Get that new tripod or set of paints.


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