I have been working on a long project that has several dozen distinct points of completion.  It is a body of work that encompasses many discreet pieces.

Early on, I set up a reward system for myself.  Every ten pieces complete, reward.

The rewards are things that are:

  1. supportive to the project,
  2. useful tools,
  3. creative inspiration

In other words, they are not something like “watch tv for five hours and eat pizza.”

My first reward was a trip to the camera store to check out new lenses (and learned, I didn’t need a new one 😛.)  The second was a trip to the fabric store. The third will be a tripod (the current one, while functional, is broken, and having two tripods can be very useful.)  The fourth will be better rigging for my set, etc.

There are two concepts here that are useful:

1. Slicing a project up into discreet points of completion.  How big should these steps be?  Hopefully they relate in actuality to true delimiters in your project.  For me, it takes an average of 15 hours to complete a step.  And I know this, because I’ve been tracking….

2. Rewarding yourself in positive and supportive ways for getting to these small finish lines.

Some reward ideas:

  • a book relating to the techniques you are using
  • a tool update for whichever of your tools are in worst condition
  • a tabletop easel
  • a small paint set (watercolors or oils)
  • a fountain pen
  • new pencils

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