Give Up Television

I was not allowed to watch tv as a child (Thank you Mom!) As a teen it was more permitted, but by that age I had lost interest.  As a young adult, in the early 2000s, TV was not compelling.

Then came the golden era of television when internet streaming became truly prevalent. The twenty-teens.  Around that time I got married.

Watching tv is an easy way to spend an evening together when you are both tired.  All of your friends are watching and talking about the same shows anyway.  Plus, we are living in the era where tv series represent the most fascinating cinematic form and the quality is better than was ever imagined.

But, watching tv, never mind the quality, is still a habit.  It’s time consuming, it is not required to survive (unlike say, eating).  Anything that exists in that realm of ‘unconsidered default response’ is ripe for renegotiation.

And so, mid-quarantine/world-wide shut down, we just stopped watching tv. No series during dinner. No movies before bed. None of it.

It has been amazing.

1. We don’t miss it.

2. We are reading more.

3. We are laughing more at our own jokes, conversation, and the dog than we have in years.  Believe it or not, conversation is more fun than television.


We’ve negotiated one eighties movie per week, chosen and watched deliberately on the weekend.

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