Lattes + Cappucinos

It’s minor and petty, but the material*  thing I miss most about the world pre-shutdown is going to a coffee shop and getting a fancy cappuccino. So I made a collage of every latte, espresso, or cappuccino in my iphone camera uploads folder. (How does this relate to the discipline of art making?  It used […]

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Quarantine Special

Despite the fact we are already working from home, quarantine poses special challenges.  I’m an introvert, he’s an extrovert.  How do we make sure that we get the appropriate levels of social and mental stimulation while staying productive and creative? Besides the obvious -continue to shower, get dressed, brush your hair, put on makeup (if […]

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About This Site

Hello There.  My name is Brook. I’m writing this site to document tools and strategies that work well for working artists.  These are my questions: How do I stay motivated? How do I stay productive? How do I keep completing work? How do I share work? I am deeply grateful to the work done by […]

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