The Artist’s Persona

Persona and Personality The delicious potential of creating a new version of yourself- perfectly constructed and optimized to deal with the task at hand- this is the magic of persona development. A persona, in this context, is the public facing personality that you choose to develop along with your creative work. Yes, it is a […]

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The Ideal Studio: Working From Home

Working From Home This step can provide the single biggest gain in efficiency.  For years I had a studio outside of our home, because our home was tiny and my tools were big (industrial sewing machines.) Your creative medium and your personality will really affect the best choices for you with regards to this strategy. […]

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About This Site

Hello There.  My name is Brook. I’m writing this site to document tools and strategies that work well for working artists.  These are my questions: How do I stay motivated? How do I stay productive? How do I keep completing work? How do I share work? I am deeply grateful to the work done by […]

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